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Mykl Lozin - Music inspired by SETI

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Mykl Lozin - Music inspired by SETI

SETI - The Star Attraction, By Mykl Lozin
SETI - The Star Attraction, CD/DVD Box set By Mykl Lozin

Mykl Lozin is a proud member of our team PADDY'S IN SPACE on the SETI@home project.

Mykl has been with this team for many years now and we encourage you to support Mykl by buying this incredible CD series and be a part of this musical tribute to science and discovery.

"SETI - the Star Attraction" by Mykl Lozin

AURArecords Cat: STSA22259
Australian United Recording Artists - 2009
Pre-Order the Album now! - email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Australian United Recording Artists are officially launching the CD in Australia on the 16th of July 2009, thus celebrating 40 years of SETI and the infamous launch day of Apollo 11. For SETI@Home fans, pre orders for a special "Collectors Edition" version are now being taken. This features the bonus music video disc - "Through Hubble Eyes"  and is presented in a DVD case and signed by the artist himself.

The new CD series with "SETI - the Star Attraction" - "the Planet ZEN" - and "The Girl from Andromeda Six" will be available internationally through CD Baby in August 2009 and then all good digital download stores. For further details and to place your order for "SETI - the Star Attraction" Collectors Edition, Please send an email to Mykl lozin at Australian United Recording Artists - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Easy payment via PayPal accepted.

Order the CD now and be a part of this musical tribute to science and discovery.

SETI - The Star Attraction CD series

Apollo 11 - 40 Years a Tribute by Mykl Lozin
This video is a sample track from the album "SETI - The Star Attraction".
Video url:
Vol 1 – “The Star Attraction” - Have you ever wanted to travel to the stars or just wondered is anyone really out there?  Then join with us in a journey that tantalizes not only the imagination but is full of thrills and chills as we step though the universe with the fantastic musical mind of Mykl Lozin. He is the multi award winning violinist, composer and producer whose unique writing style is as diverse as his eclectic live performances. Currently nominated for “Best New Age Song” in the biggest music awards in history – the JPF awards, Mykl also continues to mentor upcoming and professional musicians from around the globe.

His Endorsement from Epoch Musical Instruments keeps Mykl’s keen interest in pushing the envelope with the latest technologies, to help bridge the gap with traditional stringed instruments and has made him a household name among Australia’s finest musicians. “The Star Attraction” CD series is Mykl’s latest brainchild. The album “SETI” is his most spectacular and dramatic production yet as the sheer power and intensity of emotion captures the listener instantly. Think Star Wars versus X-Files or even Alien as they all orbit together around Arthur C. Clarke’s monolith from 2001.

Mykl LozinIt’s a block buster film score but minus the film as Vol 1 was written specifically for the 40th anniversary of SETI and the 10th anniversary for SETI@Home Berkeley. It is a lasting tribute to the many researchers whose lives have changed the way we live, and how we view the expanding universe around us. The musical inspiration draws from such luminaries as Copernicus and Hubble. NASA, Apollo, and more.

It is dedicated to the great cosmologist Dr Carl Sagan and SETI astronomer Dr Frank Drake. A must have album for fans of science, modern film score and just about anyone who needs to get off the planet for an hour or so. You can really experience the dazzling and haunting textures in these superb cosmic masterpieces.

Mykl LozinVol 2 – “The Planet ZEN” – ZEN is the new funky trance album featuring spaced out themes and cool dance tracks with a few surprises in global cross genre, a full hour of original instrumentals.

Vol 3 – “The Girl from Andromeda Six” - here is a wonderful club lounge album.  Over an hour of unique world, chill, and grooves makes this the perfect balance to the first two albums in the series. If you are into the music of café del mar and the like, you will really enjoy this album.

The Focus of Life and the Music inspired by SETI

An interview with the multi award winning violinist composer & producer – Mykl Lozin

“I was born in ’59 so I remember well the early days of the race to space. In fact the very first thing I do remember was my own SETI search as a small child. During those tender years I grew up reading every book I could find on space, science and the universe, whether I understood them or not. And then came Apollo, and it was the greatest boyhood dream unfolding before my eyes. We were there up in space, and we were about to land on the moon. I seriously wanted to be a part of it, I wanted to be Australia’s first astronaut, and I dreamt of moving to the US and working for NASA. Alas, it was not to be. 

SETI Greetings from Earth - by Mykl Lozin
 SETI Greetings from Earth - by Mykl Lozin
Full size Image
And such are the dreams of children, in that they gradually fade in the face of everyday common reality. I was ten when I chose music as my real career, and the violin was my instrument of choice. Now that incredible journey has taken me around the world recording, performing and producing with many musical greats. I’ve toured nationally with the Fureys, Foster & Allen, Daniel O’Donnell and Charlie Pride as well as working with Stevie Wright, Keith Urban, Phil Emmanuel, and the amazing Joe Robinson, plus many, many others in all styles of music.

I remember I once stood in for Tommy Emmanuel in opening a Maton Guitar showcase and whilst soloing Keith Urban walks right up to the stage and asks me could he join in. Man, we brought the house down. The Violent Femmes invited me to join the band on a recent tour and that was amazing too. So naturally I love and I write and perform all styles of music. And being a classically trained musician I could even create a few of my own.  So for many years now   “the Star Attraction” music was pretty much all there.  It was just waiting to be finished. I do admit that I had struggled for years to find an outlet for my particular way of writing as it defies most single syllable marketing genres.

PADDY'S IN SPACE Postcard - by Mykl Lozin
 PADDY'S IN SPACE Postcard - by Mykl Lozin
Full size Image
But in May 2009 all of that changed, and all because of a single, simple email request from Ireland. Enter Johnney Guinness, the “PADDY'S IN SPACE” SETI@Home Team founder. You see, 2009 is the International Year of Astronomy. It is also SETI and Apollo 11 40th anniversary, plus the 10th birthday for SETI@Home Berkeley. Since I was a long time member of his SETI team, John asked if I had ever written a piece about SETI and what it meant to me. Well that was easy, because that’s pretty much all I ever did, and that was that. I had at long last realized my calling.

AustraliaI don’t write new age music as per se. I paint with sound what moves me the most and that is the cosmos. And it’s bigger than we can possibly imagine, and it’s dark out there, and just as blinding with Stella light. It’s downright scary and dangerous, but it’s our home. Even if we are just a “pale blue dot” to quote Carl Sagan on the vast oceans of space. So now here I am. 40 years have past and I am right back at the beginning again, reliving those dreams of SETI and Apollo.

I have never worked so hard and fast on such a large scale project in all my life. There’s over three hours of brand new and reworked instrumental music. Three separate and completely diverse albums to be finished on time so I can officially launch them on the 40th anniversary of the day when man first walked upon the moon. This is my tribute to all the lives, and the many lives lost. All the achievements, and to all the researchers whose dreams we shared as a human race in this grand exploration of space. I feel that it is through worldwide radio astronomy such as SETI, Hubble and others that science can bring in the real goodies.

SETI Guinness postcard - by Mykl Lozin
SETI Guinness postcard - by Mykl Lozin
Full size Image
And as for ET, I believe something is out there somewhere and I’m sure they ask themselves the very same question. But I do sometimes wonder who will be the more surprised with our Greetings from Earth. Them or us?”  The Star Attraction series will continue to grow, and if it brings in other writers and performers to follow suit we can all explore this universe together.

I must say a very special thankyou to Dr Frank Stootman for writing the SETI liner notes and  for his ongoing moral support as well as Ain de Horta from SETI Australia for the logo endorsement, and indeed Johnney Guinness. And to my peers and friends who truly believed in me over the many long years, This is for you. - Mykl Lozin 4th July 2009 - Currently nominated for “Best New Age Song” 2009 in the biggest music awards in history – the JPF Awards.  Mykl is also a “Who’s Who in Australia” Qld Recipient as well as a Two Times “Golden Fiddle Award” winner for composition as well as Teacher of the Year and he continues to mentor upcoming and professional musicians around the globe.

Download this press release to read the full story.

Links and information about Mykl Lozin

Pre-Order the Album now! - email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Youtube video: Apollo 11 - 40 Years a Tribute by Mykl Lozin:

AURA - Australian United Recording Artists

Mykl Lozin - Music inspired by SETI


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